Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Today is the Chinese Dragon Boat Festival where onlookers can watch dragon shaped boats rowed by many men race down the river.  This festival is in honor of Qu Yuan who was a Chinese minister sent into exile and then committed suicide in the Miluo River.  The legend says that villagers tried to rescue him, but could not; so they threw rice dumplings into the water to prevent his body from being eaten by fish.

Watching the dragon boat race is exciting, however there are also lots of great foods to eat.  The main food being zongzi, which is a rice dumpling, filled with a variety of meats.  Here are two recipes that I have for these traditional dumplings:

I hope everyone who is lucky enough to have seen the dragon boat races has a wonderful time and those who are celebrating at home have a great festival day as well.

Have a wonderful Monday J