Fuzzy Friday

Thank Goodness it's Friday!

It's been such a crazy week that today I've been feeling a little fuzzy.  Zoey says she feels the same...

and with fuzziness comes the need for a quick and easy dinner.  So tonight I'm making quick and easy chicken fried rice.

and Zoey is very happy about that since she just loves fried rice!

I hope everyone is having a happy and un fuzzy Friday!

Trader Joe's Quinoa Review

Hi Everyone,

Last night I tried Trader Joe's quinoa duo with vegetable melange.  This is in the frozen section and is very easy to prepare.

I thought this was pretty good, although I did add a little salt for my tastes.  It had a light curry like flavor, which my husband did not enjoy.  But I found it very pleasant.  It was easy to make, I simply follow the microwave instructions on the bag.

I would definitely recommend this - It goes great with grilled chicken skewers.

Have a Happy Thursday!