My Favorite Cookies

 Each year the Greek Festival comes to town with entertaining dancers and music, Greek shops, and Greek Food.  My favorites are the cookies and pastries.  Every year I try to stock up on these delicious cookies, though they never last too long in my house.

 Above is a mixed box - in the back row from left to right is Baklava, then Kataifi which is my very favorite.  It's made with thin strands of dough mixed with lots of honey.

Next to that is Flogeres, then Finikia.  And in the front row from left to right there is koulourakia, Almond Crescents, which I'm not sure the real name for, and Kourambiedes.

The Almond Crescents above are made with marzipan and go great with coffee.

These koulourakia are plain shortbread cookies, which my husband loves with his coffee.

In addition to the food, there are also great shops at the Greek Festival where I picked up this cute little purse.  I just loved the beaded design.

I hope everyone is having a great day and getting ready for the holidays!  Have a Happy Wednesday!

~Lila :)