How to Steam Vegetables

Steaming vegetables is very easy once you learn how.

First you need a steamer.  There are several different types you can purchase, or you can simply make one with items that can be found in your kitchen.  The video below gives an overview of the steamers that I use, as well as a way to create your own with items in your kitchen.

The next step is to choose your vegetables.  Almost all vegetables are delicious when steamed.  Just make sure that vegetables that are steamed together are cut to the same sized pieces and are about the same density (hardness.) This allows the vegetables to cook evenly.

Now to steam the vegetables, first bring water to boil in the bottom of your steaming device.  Make sure there is enough water to boil for the time it takes to steam the vegetables.  Then place the vegetables in the steamer, cover and turn the heat down to medium or medium low, making sure the water continuously boils without touching the food.  Let the vegetables cook for the time necessary.  Here is a video on how to steam mixed vegetables.

Now the time needed to steam the vegetables will vary depending on the type of vegetable used and your tastes.  For instance, harder vegetables such as broccoli and carrots will take a little more time to steam than softer vegetables such as mushrooms.  However, since I like my broccoli and carrots slightly crisp and my mushrooms very tender, I tend to steam these all together for about 10 minutes.

In general hard vegetables that are cut into medium sized chunks take about 7 to 10 minutes to steam, while leafy vegetables and small cut vegetables take only 3 to 5 minutes.  When you first start to steam vegetables, check them every 5 minutes to get a feel for the texture and time that you prefer.  Then write it down so next time you steam the same vegetable it will come out perfectly.

Shrimp Curry and Fried Chicken Curry

So sticking with my plan to try different foods (see Ordering the Same Dish all the Time,) this week I ordered this shrimp curry dish which was amazing....
and my husband had this fried chicken with curry sauce on the side.  Although this is similar to fried chicken which he loves to eat all the time, the curry is way out of the box for him.
Though these curry sauces look the same, they were actually different in flavor.  My sauce that came on the shrimp was made with a lot of coconut milk and had a nice deep curry flavor, while my husbands curry was very spicy with just a hint of coconut milk and a light curry flavor.  The spiciness complimented the fried chicken perfectly!

Both of these dishes were amazing and I'm glad I tried something different this week :)