Chinese Shrimp in Tomato Sauce

When I was little my "nai nai" (Chinese grandmother) used to always make this delicious dish.  The sauce was so flavorful and delicious; and the shrimp were always perfectly cooked in their shells and soaked up the amazing flavor of the sauce. The shells are left on the shrimp so that the shrimp soak up the sauce and you have a lot of flavor in your mouth while sucking to remove the shells.  These shells should be removed completely with your mouth and then spit into a separate dish or on the side of your plate. This is similar to sunflower seeds that have the salty shell on them.

There is a funny story about how I learned how to cook this dish.  I have always had a difficult time removing the shells while the shrimp were in my mouth; and at one family gathering where I had invited my boyfriend, my nai nai made this dish.  My boyfriend and I went to eat the shrimp and started removing the shells with our fingers.  One of my older relatives looked at us from across the table and said "he eats the dirty American way." As you can imagine this made us both feel absolutely horrible!  Needless to say I never ate at a table with that relative again, but it also made me want to learn how to make this dish so I could practice eating it.  So I watched my grandmother and started making it myself.  It now has become one of my favorite dishes :)

Do you look like your dog??

Today I finally had the chance to watch one of my favorite shows – the Hoda and Kathy Lee show – and they had a segment on where they asked if you look like your dog.  I thought this was hilarious because my husband keeps telling me that Zoey – my dog- and I are starting to look more and more alike.  So I’ve taken several photos over the last few years and when I look back I realize that he is right – we are looking more and more alike.  The first two pics are older and the last one is recent.  

It’s too bad I can’t turn her into a person  - a real child – I would love that!

Have a Wonderful Day!